Maintenance for Stainless Steel Products

Stainless steel is a metal alloy, the most important elements of which are chrome and nickel. Stainless steel gets its lustre from the chrome and its stainless quality from the nickel. Stainless steel may be prone to surface rust, but only as a result of prolonged contact with base metals.

Adhering to the maintenance tips will ensure that you enjoy your product for even longer. If you handle your product with care, it will retain its quality and appearance for much longer.

Cleaning your stainless steel product
For everyday maintenance we advise using clean water or a wet cloth only. The product’s surface must be cleaned with a wet cloth for dust, dried stains, and food and beverages residues.

Dish liquid soap may be used to clean the surface from dried grease stains. Afterwards the surface must be fully dried. Please note dish liquid must not contain bleach, such as Cif.

Stains caused by chemical substances
The quality of the product will be damaged if it is exposed to harsh chemicals. If the surface is exposed to harsh chemicals for a long period of time, an oxidization process may occur, which will cause the stainless steel to rust.

You are advised to prevent the product from coming into contact with the following chemicals: S-39 solder ux, paint stripping agents,brush cleaners, metal shavings, and adhesives.

Should the product come into contact with one of the above-mentioned chemicals, the following actions should be taken:

• Rinse the affected surface immediately using plenty of water;
• Rub the affected surface dry;
• Treat the resulting stains with Inox Care;
If the cleaning water is calcareous, there may be some spots left on the surface. It will be sufcient to use of a non-rigid particulate and brous structure cloth.

If there are nger prints on the stainless steel products surface, liquid window cleaner can be used.